It’s Time to Heal the Wounds in the Heart of America

Free Weekly Meditation every Wednesday at 9 am Pacific

 “Heart Wounds … Heart Splendor”

To heal the wounds in the Heart of America, we first need to heal our own Heart Wounds.

And we might as well go ahead and heal our physical wounds – our bodies – as well as our Emotional and Spiritual Wounds. Why not? This is the gift of our hearts.

Most of us wish we did not suffer from our bodies and our emotions. The deeper truth is that all of our wounds, all of our suffering, are an open door to step into the Glory of Love.


It’s time to use the Power of our Hearts to heal ourselves. Please join us for this 4-week online meditation class.

“We can influence the underlying Heart-Field of America, our collective Heart energy.  A slight shift in the quality, the softening of the collective Heart-Field, will cause millions of small decisions to come from Love rather than from individual wounds.”   —Rev. Steven Winn

⇒    Learn to meditate with your heart instead of your mind (it’s easy)

⇒    Heal the wounds of your heart and watch your life blossom.

⇒    You will experience the deeper meaning of “Love your enemies.” We will learn to use the power of your heart to love your ailments, your diseases, your traumas, everything you don’t like about yourself. And then watch your health, your body, your relationships, your career and finances – every area of your life will start to bloom.

⇒    Online meditations will last for 45 to 50 minutes, with optional one-on-one public Healing sessions afterward.

⇒    We will use the vast power of our hearts to heal our own wounds in every meditation. We will become friends – as only the Heart can – with Divine Beings who help us to heal the collective traumas and injustice in our families, our nation, and our planet.

⇒    Meditations will be recorded in case you miss one.

⇒    An on-going drop in meditation class. We meet every Wednesday at 9 am Pacific on Zoom. Join us when you can.


VS, from Hawaii

“I must have listened to that one recording of your meditation at least 100 times. It has changed everything in my life. I am on fire in my life, very happy and very successful. I can’t thank you enough.”

Robin W, from California

“Your call this morning was incredible! The space you are in is Pure Stillness … it’s like you are speaking in the Stillness. Amazing.”

Which would you rather have – a quiet mind, or a loving, open heart?

Please take a moment and ask yourself this question. They are both wonderful, aren’t they? Which do you sense will be more useful in healing the wounds in the Heart of America?

If you can sense the power of living from your heart, this invitation is for you. (And by the way, once we start living from our hearts, our mind quiets down automatically.)

I’ll teach you a very simple yet powerful method of using your heart to meditate instead of using your mind. Over time, you will find yourself living from your heart instead of living somewhere behind your eyeballs. The Divine Qualities of your heart will rise in power and grace within you. Seriously.

Watch a Brief Message on “How to Love the Unlovables in Our Lives”

S&D, from Wyoming

“We love you! Whatever you are doing next, we want to be part of it.”

We are all familiar with Love and Compassion as Divine Qualities of the Heart. But there are many such qualities that we will develop – Courage, Friendliness, Power, Clarity, Guidance etc. will all grow as we meditate together.

We’ll go into our hearts together. (It’s much easier to do this as a group.)

We will then use the power of our hearts to greet or heal some issue or challenge in our lives. It could be something from our past that still bothers us, or it could be a meeting at work today. It all depends on you and what needs the power of your heart that day.

All the above is for your individual benefit. I want you to get something out of this. Based on my past experience of teaching workshops around the country, I expect many if not most of the class will have remarkable gains and breakthroughs from this course.

I expect breakthroughs in your health, your relationships, your career and finances, and most of all I expect you will find huge spiritual openings. Very likely, you will have a new vision for your life – a new vision of what is possible. This is very, very empowering.

Here’s what I am asking from you

The above online meditation should take between 30 to 40 minutes. I’d like to spend the next 10 minutes or so using the collective power of our hearts to begin healing the wounds in the Heart of America. What are these wounds? We’ll cover this in the FAQ tab, but you know people who have deep wounds from their childhood, right? We have the same challenges as a nation.

This means the entire online meditation will last for 40 to 50 minutes, and then the formal part of the class is over. Diving into our hearts is a wonderful start for our day.

If you have more time, I will stay for another half hour or so for anyone who would like help seeing the challenges of their life from the eyes of their heart.   That means, I will work with 2 or 3 volunteers who are stirred up and want to experience the peace that comes from living in their heart. This will be public, so everyone can listen and learn this process of helping their neighbors move into their hearts.

Anna, from Michigan

“I’ve been listening to your meditations which were shared with me by a friend. They are amazing and I feel you are in such a loving and peaceful place. Thank you so much for these recordings!!!”

PG, from Ohio

“… a great course.  Steven, you are a fantastic teacher!”

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Let’s heal the underlying ‘Heart-Field’ of America so tragedies like this never happen again.

That’s the offer

A weekly meditation class to heal your body as well your emotional and spiritual wounds.… and start the healing of the wounds in the Heart of America. We’ll meet via Zoom at 11 am Central time, and the meditations will be recorded and posted if you can’t make a class. You can make it up. It’s not quite the same as doing it with the group, but it’s still very powerful.

I don’t really have anything to upsell you, so please don’t worry about that. If you catch the “Grandness” of opening your heart, I can suggest web courses and retreats from organizations I know and trust, but I earn no referral fees or anything like that.

Why am I doing this? Because It’s time to heal the wounds in the Heart of America.

Love honors and includes – and we can enliven the energy of Love in America.

When we love and honor our food, our food supply will be healed.

When we move into the higher Heart-Energy of Love, Peace will come.


“Heart Wounds … Heart Splendor”


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"I know how to shift and heal the wounds in the Heart of America, but I need your help to do this."

Steven Winn

Your participation in the class is most important. Donate to help offset my expenses only if you feel inspired and are comfortable in doing so.


If you are interested in learning Heart Rhythm Meditation, check out the app by iamHeart Inc. here:  Breath & Heart app  (iPhones only)