What Others Are Saying

A Glimpse of What Other People Have Been Experiencing

Robin W, Marin California

Your call this morning was incredible! The space you are in is Pure Stillness … it’s like you are speaking in the Stillness. Amazing.

RS, Iowa

I live for these sessions.

AP, Pennsylvania

I have been feeling unconditional love for my family members.  At a family BBQ on Sunday (which often causes me anxiety) I was fully present, everyone wanted to talk to me, and we all had a wonderful time.

LB, Colorado

The emotions of LOVE and GRATITUDE permeate everywhere … inside and outside my home.

JD, Ohio

Steven, you were great!

I have been finding that reaching a place of peace is getting easier and easier …
regardless of whatever the day’s events are throwing at me. My ability to allow life to
happen rather than fighting with it is getting easier, too.

Thank you.

AK, Canada

I feel very confident and comfortable with myself. Now I just know that I am beautiful.

Anna, Michigan

I’ve been listening to your meditations which were shared with me by a friend. They are amazing and I feel you are in such a loving and peaceful place. Thank you so much for these recordings!!!

DH, Texas

I was engulfed in “causeless joy” and experienced an overwhelming happiness for no reason.  I’m experiencing that same happiness again as I write this note.

AW, California

I feel filled with love. I am almost 50 yrs old and I spent the majority of my life filled with self-hatred and perfectionism. This led to severe addictions and depression and MANY years of serious suicidal thoughts. 

I realized recently after meditating for about a year now that I truly love myself all the time. What a miracle this is. It is becoming automatic. 

JS, Oregon

I experience a quiet mind, great joy, and unconditional love for myself and all. I was able to let go of my “holding on” to my children.

PG, OHio

… a great course this past weekend.  Steven, you are a fantastic teacher!

VS, Hawaii

I must have listened to that one recording of your meditation at least 100 times. It has changed everything in my life. I am on fire in my life, very happy and very successful. I can’t thank you enough.

RB, Texas

Dropping into the peace is extremely easy.

S&D, Wyoming

We love you! Whatever you are doing next, we want to be part of it.

MB, Oregon

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the session. You have great brightness about you.

CC, Ohio

Steven, thank you for that incredible call yesterday evening.  It is head-and-shoulders above any meditation conference call ever held to date.  The idea of facing the wrath of God had me shaking in my boots as a cradle Catholic.  But in less than a minute I went from a high 10 to 0.  It was amazing.  And the lady that shared about laughing hysterically about the whole silly idea, that is exactly what happened to me.  I started laughing.  The more you kept describing the fire and brimstone scenario the funnier it became.

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