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The pain in the hearts of all Americans began to pour into me. The Native American massacres, the slavery of the Blacks, the oppression of all the minorities, the pain of hunger and poverty, how we treat the mentally ill, the cry of the environment, the prisons … all of this pain poured into my heart.

I could not handle it, and I shut it off. It stopped, to my deep regret. Now, how I wish I could open up my heart again and feel and heal those wounds.

I am clear I was given that experience as a message: It’s time to heal the wounds in the Heart of America.

My Story

After 40+ years of meditating with my mind, in 2013 I began exploring the process of meditating with my heart. “How do you meditate with your heart?” you may wonder. Don’t worry – it’s easy and charming, and I’ll teach you.

Right away my heart started sending me messages and visions. It was extraordinary and sweet …. and then it happened. My heart opened up to the pain and the wounds in the Heart of America.

U.S. Soldiers putting Lakota corpses in common grave after the massacre of Wounded Knee.

I understand and know Heart-Energy so much more clearly now. I know how to shift and heal these wounds in the Heart of America, but I need your help to do this.

It’s completely reasonable that you know more about me.

Here’s a short bio

My wife and I live in Fairfield, IA. This is the home of the TM movement in the USA, and we have done TM for 40+ years.


Our two adult children are sincere devotees of Amma, the Hugging Saint from Kerala, India. They live in Amma’s ashram. They moved there by their own choice as teenagers and still live there 15+ years later. They live to serve, and we love them for this.


I graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 1982 with a degree in Business Economics.   I started out by passing the CPA exam and working for the big international CPA firm called Deloitte, Haskins, and Sells – now just known as Deloitte. I am grateful for good accountants, but I wasn’t that great at it.

I have been fortunate in business, with a number of successful businesses over the last 35 years. I have been featured in a book called The Meditating Entrepreneurs by Hal Goldstein. You can read about it here.

In 1992 the minister of our local Unity Church stopped in the middle of a sermon and said, pointing at me: “The Holy Spirit has told me my time here is done and that you are the next minister here.” What do you do with something like that? I said yes, and was the senior minister for our Unity Church in Fairfield for 12 years. I was not ordained in Unity Church, so eventually we shifted into an independent mystical Christian church which is still active today – the Church of the Holy Spirit, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit church.

More about me

Buddha at the Gas Pump

Meditation really worked for me, just like it is supposed to. If you like listening to “Awakening” type stories, here is a link to my interview at Buddha at the Gas Pump


I learned to meditate with my heart from a spiritual school called iamHeart. I am now the chairman of the board of this school, and one of the two Deans of the healing branch of this school called Hurqalya Method of Heart Energy Healing.

My first “Awakening” shift

If you would prefer to read about my first “Awakening” shift, here is a link to my blog.

Old sermons on a YouTube site

I have some old sermons on a YouTube site that has not been updated for many years. These were posted for members of our church who missed a sermon. So most have only 20 or so views, but amazingly, some have over 1000 views with no promotion whatsoever. How does that happen?

My Blog

Here is the generic link to my blog about my experiences both on the Path of the Heart and the Path of Consciousness.

Hurqalya Method of Heart-Energy Healing

I wrote the website for the Hurqalya Method of Heart-Energy Healing. If you read the Hurqalya website you will learn a lot about how the energy of the Heart works.

Thank you for caring enough to read this far. May the light and love of God fill you always.


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"I know how to shift and heal the wounds in the Heart of America, but I need your help to do this."

Steven Winn

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